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DMM R18 JAV h_086jrzd00509 Juraku Miki Takakura Avchannel Married Woman

Juraku Miki Takakura h_086jrzd00509

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DMM R18 JAV h_086jrzd00509 First Time Shots 50yo Wife Document Miki Takakura. Married for 26 years, 53 year-old Mrs Takakura has been blessed with 2 children and has led a charmed life. But she hasn't had sex with her husband, a man whose only strength is his earnestness, for several years and the madam's sexual frustration keeps growing. Not having told anyone about her problem for many years, she expresses her complicated feelings. "I always thought that I was a dirty woman with a sex drive that was higher than other people..." Today, Mrs Takakura's pent-up lust is released with all new sexual experiences she would've never experienced with her husband!!. Entering The Biz at 50.

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